An International Christmas Story 2


Polish version here:

Meet another family that decided to join our #Poznajmysięna Święta and their guests- Ali and Kevin. Jasinski’s family was always open and welcoming, but the recent situation of internationals in Poland was an additional incentive to “adopt a foreigner” for their Christmas Eve. What’s more, it was a good substitute of travelling, which, among with discovering new cultures, was always their big dream. And it turned out to be a great experience!

For both, Ali and Kevin, it was the first time to spend Christmas in Poland, and it was an unforgettable one. “The family was very caring and welcoming”, says Ali, “explained us everything and asked multiple times if we’d like some more food”.

And probably the food was the biggest novelty for the internationals during the Christmas Eve – it was much different from what they are used to. “I had to add some spices to my soup“, laughs Ali.

The family’s target was to show their guests a real Polish household and let them experience famous Polish hospitality. They tried to keep everything more traditional than in past years, to recreate the atmosphere. They also tried to explain everything, but it seems that the guests came well prepared – with a huge knowledge about Polish culture and traditions.

“I felt good, I invited them to my country in return”
We are also pleased to hear about positive feedback of friends, neighbours and the rest of Jasinski’s family – everyone seemed excited about the idea and felt like doing the same the upcoming year.